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BluBlood ;)
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
My name is Morgan Christensen. I have enjoyed drawing and creating art and stories since I was very young. As a child, I enjoyed and found animated films interesting because I understood the film was a series of drawings and paintings - or in a favorite childhood movie, Toy Story, a moving computer character. Growing up with films like The Lion King, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Tarzan and The Road to El Dorado has had a huge influence on my art style today. I have a particular love for cartoons and cartoon art. My future goal is find a career in cartoon art or in the Gaming or Film industry as a concept artist or storyboard artist. I gain my 3D animation education at the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) in the school's 3D Animation course. I plan to take three years of the course. I hope to also become a student at the Art Institute.

I love to sketch, draw and my preferred media is colored pencils. Along with my art, I enjoy writing stories and would like to publish one of my stories to readers some day. Combining my story-telling hobby and artistic hobby, I am currently working on a graphic novel, BluBloods, an animal-fantasy story featuring my favorite animal and creatures of America's North-West.


  • Listening to: Right Hand Man - Hamilton
  • Reading: The Queen's Governess
  • Drinking: Mt. Dew (help me)
I haven't been focusing on BluBloods or much of any art. Which is strange because typically, during the summer, I am submitting comic pages like it's going out of style. Now, I'm writing like it's going out of style (Not a Hamilton reference at all). I did draw a bit to relieve any sort of stress of work but I was practicing drawing human characters (mostly male anatomy because they are so hard to draaaaaaaaaaw). But I look at my messy desk and see BluBloods pages and sort of miss it. But I knew life would catch up and try to tear me from my artistic passion. Literally, Twenty One Pilots knows what they're singing about when they sing, (or rap?) "Wake up and get the money." Because to achieve dreams, you need to have money or take giant risks to see if those dreams succeed? 
(sorry, it's 11 pm. I'm tired)
I haven't even been thinking about my 3D Animation passion since school has ended. Like what happened? I'm worried I'm back at square one even though I'm state certified for Animation. Maybe it will all resurface when I take this college art class in August? (also a computer programming class because when people are looking for a 3D animator, they're really looking for a web designer. Like... that's not the right name for that job description). Maybe I'll be able to visit the library to scan things (if they have a scanner, I still don't know) come school time? Just going through art on dA helped rekindle the passion. Man, I miss it.
So, all this ranting summed up: 
I predict I will be more active come August. Classes start August 22nd. when u finali beet le unfur senic. (Emoticon gif.)  Nah, I'm actually kinda happy to have an excuse not to go to work x3
So, I'm sorry. Here's a Chat Noir for you because I found the emoticon. Smug Kitty  Chat and Pewds. How can you go wrong?

Okay, I hope you are all having a nice summer. My prayers to those in France. 
Nick Wilde - Icon 
The Matriarch Chronicles Doodles by Blu-Blood
The Matriarch Chronicles Doodles
IM STILL ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comic pages are at a standstill because the college scanner is apparently only available to teachers. So when I return my library books to the public library, I'll check to see if they have a scanner. It'll still cost money to scan but whatever. That's what kickstarter is for x3

Anywho, while I haven't been able to scan comic pages, I have been working on (school and work of course) my novel series, The Matriarch Chronicles. I just finished my personal editing on the first book, The Maiden and it's on Quotev…   <--- there if you are interested in reading it :3 The Matriarch Chronicles, unlike BluBloods, features people x3 and is way more mature than my comic. It's more on the young adult to adult side than the children's side while BluBloods is geared for all ages. As far as maturity goes, it's not as bad as it probably could be as I am not a vastly descriptive writer and don't do sexual scenes that well x3

It takes place in an ancient land called, Galaenia, where women rule as the dominant gender. Here, I'll just put what I put in my query letter to publishers....

The Matriarch Chronicles takes place in Galaenia, a land of matriarchy where women rule over men as the dominant gender. My protagonist, Raegna believes above all else, she is privileged and deserves the upmost respect from men who are beneath her. When her village is invaded by male freedom fighters, Raegna and her family narrowly escape the attack and retreat to warn neighboring villages of the raiders. Upon her journey, Raegna experiences great trials against her beliefs through discrimination against her husband and ultimately unearths Galaenia’s corrupt matriarchy.

So yeah, the doodle is of Raegna and above her sketches is her husband, Bai. Their looks are still in the works as I am still studying for a human style but I plan to draw more. If you want to read on Quotev, go ahead! I'm looking for feedback and critique. It's okay if you don't speak english well, I can take feedback on characters and setting and whatever else too :D That's it. Thank you, hope you are having a great summer!
  • Listening to: Colors by Hasley
I am writing on my new, super expensive ASUS laptop. Si, it is used for gaming but it's got that memory for 3D programs and other art programs. I just need the money to buy them and that's when my new job comes in. I am officially employed! Sure, I'll still have to pay for college textbooks and whilst I stay with my parents a little longer, a phone bill and car insurance. But I'm liking how everything is falling into place. At least I won't have to go through college without a laptop :3

I have finished a BluBloods page but my scanner is still broken. But I think I spotted a scanner on the tour of the college library. NOT GIF Steven Universe - Little happy slice of pi  Maybe a few cents will cover that or a dollar a page? In which case, I might have to start paying you guys to read xD Just kidding, just kidding. But I kickstarter might be a good idea, whether or not it would work is another thing. Think BluBloods could really sell some day? Comment below please :3 I love hearing feedback from you guys and still get it now and then on old pages and new. It's cool that the comic is still slowly growing. SLOWLY... but it still makes my day :3 

Anyway, I should put my laptop to the charger and go to bed. It's gonna be another busy day tomorrow! And the next day... Hope you all have a wonderful summer! Stay hydrated! 

PS WHAT? No feeling emoticon at the top of the journal entry? That's nuts.
Teaser by Blu-Blood
Ah, it's good to be back and working on a page with the stress of life ahead of me. Well, as my adult life is beginning, I should consider BluBloods' impact on it and really consider finishing this draft and then going to a final draft. Such excitement if I didn't have school and employment to worry about.
Anyways, I will receive my thousand dollar laptop in two weeks and save up for a scanner. Wish me luck!

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